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Panglao Resort - Lot Plan

The Panglao Resort:
Existing out of 9 lots - for sale-, each lot with its own Title. The lot area ranges from 165 - 330 m2, each with its own designated Parkspace. The common garden with swimming pool and access road will have its own right of way in favor of each lot owner. Please inqure lot price separatly.

Philippine Real Estate Law:
Foreigners are not allowed, to own in the Philippines land/lot areas (lot) but they are allowed to own Real Estate Properties what is erected on that parcel of land/lot as buildings, apartments, housesand condominiums.
Who is legally married to a Filipina can of course purchase a parcel of land/lot in her name.

Who does not have that possibility, and does not have a Filipino friend to buy under his/her Filipino friends name a parcel of land, we do offer to acquire the parcel of land through "us." We offer to execute in his/her name a long-term lease contract (50 years with 25 year extension) for his/her protection and of course with the possibility of another extension after the expiry of the said contract of lease in favor of his/her heirs.

Anlageplan Rentnerdorf in Bohol
Maintenance of our Resort:
The entire resort is maintained during day by a caretaker/gardener who maintains the whole area. He will help you also in performing your everyday tasks, such as carrying shopping bags into the house, cleaning cars, etc. At night, the resort is guarded by a guard against unauthorized access by third parties, or against unwanted visitors.
All services, such as the night lighting, maintenance and operation of swimming pools, staff costs, etc. will be paid equally to all homeowners with a monthly Fee of only 65 US Dollar. This monthly Dues can be reduced, if homeowners are willing to take over some duties.

Our rectangular bungalow | Lots G-1 to G-7
The special ambiance.

Panglao Resort - Sketchplan Bungalow

House on lot G1 | From NOW READY TO MOVE IN - for sale!

Swimmingpool Panglao Resort - Philippines

Wohnen im Panglao Resort Philippinen


Our rectangular bungalow we offer on lots G-1 to G-7.
The entire living space is open up to the roof slopes, which gives you a special feeling. The gallery offers 36 m2 of additional living space and is produced as a solid wooden beams, with 40 mm thick real wood floor. The interior roof inside the building will be covered, depending on roof material (wood or iron).

The high quality made sliding doors, with an opening of 1.20 m serves as a convenient doorway, while offering the same time a good view to the garden and pool area.

Equipment and Quality

Our quality standard is of course consistent with all the houses in our resort.

We use finest local materials, including aluminum, granite, marble, solid mahogany wood and granite or ceramic tiles.

Bungalow mit Galerie

Other Details and Features

According to the Philippine building code houses must be built using the steel-concrete skeleton construction for strength, long life and stability – You can benefit from our years of experience we have acquired in the Philippines in the construction industry.

Both types of houses, rectangular and angular house, offer comfortable accommodation for up to 4 person.
All houses as well as the whole resort is designed and will be build for elderly people without blockades.

Badezimmer im Panglao Resort Philippinen

We finsh our roofs with heat and noise absorbing insulation foam and cover it in modern style designed galvanized metal roofs, or created as an exclusive shingle roof.

The tinted glass windows provide light and air flow in all rooms, with excellent cross ventilation. All windows, door panel, including the large sliding windows at terraces will have a mosquito net, protected by a lattice framework that simultaneously prevents unwanted access.

Lighting and electrical installations:
The entire building is equipped with the latest energy-saving lights, on request also with dimmable lights.
Outlets will be of universal type outlets with ground. These are suitable for german and asian electronic devices (Please note that the grid has here 230 V 60 Hz).

Jacuzzi Pool Panglao Resort - Philippines

This dream beach is just 500 meters away from Panglao Resort
Panglao Resort white Beach Philippinen

Our angle-bungalow | Lots G-8 and G-9
For your retirement home with superior standard.

Panglao Resort - Bungalow Sketch


This bungalow type situated on lot 8 (G-8) provided with about 85 m2, enough living space.
A solid constructed, high-quality house, with senior-friendly design, impressive with a clear, thoughtful floor plan, with wide doors to all rooms and no steps, neither in the house nor outside. The spacious living area is separated from the open kitchen through a beautiful arc segment.

The corner bungalow on lot E-9 differs from G-8 only, by the reduced dimension of 10.50 m x 9.00 m and has 8 m2 less floor space. Layout and features are identical.

Facilities - Our Standard

Window frames made of white anodized aluminum profile with tinted glass. The windows in the living room and kitchen are covered with mirror glass - for privacy. Window sills made of solid granite.

The floors in living room, kitchen, hallway and bathroom, finished with industrial produced granit tiles but also can be finished with approximately 15 - 20 mm thick marble tiles. The bathroom, the shower walls and the shower are covered also with marble – alternative with tiles. Both bedrooms floors a covered with massive real wood parquet (Mahogany or equivalent).

The Large corner kitchen, L-shaped, is made of solid mahogany wood with granite countertops. Wall cabinets with hood, fridge with separate freezer.

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